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A CEO’s Most Dangerous Love Affair

I’ve met a few CEOs lately who are having an affair. They gladly confess that they’re madly in love… with their product. They tell me how their product will change the world. That it’s the next iWatch or Uber. They love their product soooo much. If only they could find more customers to love it too.

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How to Turn a Decent Idea Into a Great One

I see a lot of small tech companies struggling with their strategic marketing decisions: What should our message be? What product feature should we add? What new vertical should we go after?

They spend months agonizing in search of the “best” idea. But the truth is that there are only a few truly great ideas in the world, and most become great only because they’ve been executed well.

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Market the Fruit, Not the Chemical Compounds

Many tech companies are brilliant at inventing new products, but not at describing them. They expect their customers to see their solutions as clearly as they do. Maybe it’s because many tech leaders were educated as engineers. So they naturally explain their technology-enabled products from the inside out. For example, someone who invented the world’s first orange, might express they’re message this way: “Our product is built using a unique…

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Marketing to Your Buyer’s Two Faces

If your B2B marketing is not generating enough business, here is a quick test: Take a look at your company’s home page. (Go ahead, I’ll wait). Does it relate to your product’s features or your prospect’s desires? If you answered “features,” this may indicate a problem with your marketing message… and maybe your sales pitch too. To develop an effective message, you need to recognize that your buyer has two…

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How to Find Your “Golden” Sales Message

Many of the small high-tech companies I talk with say they have a “messaging” problem. They claim their solution is too hard to explain. When their sales people get into details, the lingo confounds prospects. But if they dumb the message down, they sound just like their competitors. The good news: Your ideal sales message is already “here.” However, it’s buried. It’s buried deep inside the tech lingo, marketing jargon…

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